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David Van Zandt

David T. Van Zandt, Violinmaker in Seattle

I made my first violin in 1980 while attending the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, graduating in 1983. The following 4 years were spent in New York City working with William L. Monical and Son, practicing the skills of repair and restoration and helping maintain a large number of fine historical instruments.

In 1987 I moved back to Seattle to set up my workshop, where I make violins and violas for both contemporary and historical performance practice.

Please telephone or use the form in the Contact section for any questions you have. I welcome your interest in my work.

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The following video was made while I was making a violin now owned by Tari Nelson-Zagar

Created by
Ed Sozinho and Tegra Stone Nuess
Produced by Sozinho Imagery

Inspired by the late period violins of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu.
It's the most successful violin model I make.

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Inspired by the mid-1730's violins of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu.
With a slightly shorter body length, it's very comfortable to perform on.

A 16-5/16" (414mm) model inspired by the Alto instruments of Andrea Guarneri.
I've made this model all my career and it's my most successful viola.

I designed this personal viola model for comfort and sound.
Notice the round upper bout. The body length is just under 16" (403mm).

This "Obialto" Viola model was designed by the participants of the
Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop. It has a comfortable body length of 16".

A very successful viola model for Baroque or Classical violists. The body length
is 16-5/16" (414mm) and inspired by the alto violas of Andrea Guarneri.

A baroque violin model inspired by the small pattern violins of
Jacob Stainer. It's my most successful baroque violin model.

This violin in Classical Period set-up is inspired by the
early 1740's violins of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu.

David’s craftsmanship, artistry, and dedication are second to none. He is an attentive and terrific listener, both for the instruments themselves as well as for the people for whom they’re intended. Throughout the commissioning process, David was a pleasure to work with; he worked carefully with me in the initial stages to determine exactly what I was looking for in an instrument; he sent me frequent updates as the building commenced; and in timely fashion he delivered a gorgeous instrument which has continued to blossom in the years as I’ve played it. ...

Vijay Chalasani - Performer, Scholar, and Teaching-Artist

I am absolutely in love with my Van Zandt violin. I have been playing it since 2005, and since then, I have evolved as a musician, and my instrument has evolved right along with me. … The versatility that my Van Zandt violin provides is necessary for the wide range of musical genres that I find myself playing, and it always delivers beautifully, no matter what the situation might be.

You can tell when people care — you just can. David is a sweetheart of a human being, and that shows in his work. It is clear to me that a whole lot of heart went into building this instrument, and I feel it every time I pick it up. I am so grateful to have found my way to David's craftsmanship and artistry.

Brad Phillips ~ Recording Artist, Producer, Composer, Arranger, Teacher

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