Construction details of
A 16-1/4" Viola in Classical Period Set-Up
Constructed by David T. Van Zandt

The following images show some of the details of set-up for this instrument. The client wished to have as broad a performance range as possible. I chose to make construction and set-up decisions to combine elements from a range of periods, resulting in a more transitional instrument.

This instrument has been sold. If you wish to learn more about this viola or about instruments I make please feel free to contact me.

Detail of Neck as it joins the body on a viola in Classical Period Set-up.
Side view of the neck and fingerboard on a viola in Classical Period Set-up.

View of the back of the bridge on a Classical Viola

View of the saddle and saddle plate on a Classical Viola View of the Tailpiece on a Classical Viola

Neck button detail on a Classical Viola

Body Length = 413 mm
Mensur = 222 mm
Vibrating String Length = 372 mm


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For more information about this and other instruments I make please contact me in my Seattle workshop at (206) 478-9603