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David Van Zandt in Workshop, 2024

Classically Trained Professional Violin Maker

Portland, Oregon

More than 40 years of making fine violins and violas
for professional musicians and advanced students

By Appointment

Kiana June Weber

recording artist, touring performer, world class fiddler, enthusiastic educator

"My Van Zandt violin has become such an integral part of my performing life. I fell in love with it immediately because it has the ability to sing like a classical violin and also dance like a fiddle. It's sound it so versatile, and full of depth, and has received compliments the world over ... "

Vijay Chalasani

Performer, Scholar, Teaching-Artist

"David’s craftsmanship, artistry, and dedication are second to none. He is an attentive and terrific listener, both for the instruments themselves as well as for the people for whom they’re intended. Throughout the commissioning process, David was a pleasure to work with; he worked carefully with me in the initial stages to determine exactly what I was looking for in an instrument; he sent me frequent updates as the building commenced; and in timely fashion he delivered a gorgeous instrument which has continued to blossom in the years as I’ve played it. ... ... "

2023 Alto Viola designed for Comfort and Playability
400mm (15-3/4") Body Length

7/8 Violin Without Compromise
345mm (13-1/2+") Body Length

Trust Experience

Tonal Excellence
Personal Service

Brad Phillips

Recording Artist, Performer, Producer, Composer, Arranger, Teacher

" I am absolutely in love with my Van Zandt violin. I have been playing it since 2005, and since then, I have evolved as a musician, and my instrument has evolved right along with me. The versatility that my Van Zandt violin provides is necessary for the wide range of musical genres that I find myself playing, and it always delivers beautifully, no matter what the situation might be. You can tell when people care — you just can. David is a sweetheart of a human being, and that shows in his work. It is clear to me that a whole lot of heart went into building this instrument, and I feel it every time I pick it up. I am so grateful to have found my way to David's craftsmanship and artistry."

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