A Gallery Of Instrument Models I Make

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Within each gallery you can navigate and zoom with common actions and gestures.

Violin Models

Vn152 GdG42 Top
Inspired by a 1742 violin by Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu
Front of "Plowden" del Gesu violin model #146
Inspired By A 1735 Violin By Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu
Vn135 Obie1 top
Violin - Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop Model

Viola Models

Vla139 A Guarn Modern Top
16-5/16" Viola Inspired by Andrea Guarneri, ca. 1676
Thumbnail of the Front of 400mm Alto Viola
15-3/4" Viola Designed For Comfort and Playability
vla142 Obialto Top
16" Viola - Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop Model

Instruments in Historical Setup

vn155 BaroqueStainer Back
Baroque Violin Inspired By A 1655 Violin By Jacob Stainer
vla138 Classical A Guarn Front
16-5/16" Classical Viola Inspired By Andrea Guarneri
vn91 ClassicalGdG top
Classical Setup on A Guarneri, Del Gesu Model