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Gallery of Instruments

The following is a sampling of several instrument models I make

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David T. Van Zandt
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Violin by David Van Zandt inspired by a ca. 1742 violin of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu.
This is the most successful violin model I make.

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Inspired by the mid-1730's violins of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu.
With a slightly shorter body length, it's very comfortable to perform on.

A 16-5/16" (414mm) model inspired by the Alto instruments of Andrea Guarneri.
I've made this model my entire career and it's my most successful viola.

I designed this personal viola model for comfort and sound.
Notice the round upper bout. The body length is just under 16" (403mm).

This "Obialto" Viola model was designed by the participants of the
Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop. It has a comfortable body length of 16".

A very successful viola model for Baroque or Classical violists. The body length
is 16-5/16" (414mm) and inspired by the alto violas of Andrea Guarneri.

A baroque violin model inspired by the small pattern violins of
Jacob Stainer. It's my most successful baroque violin model.

This violin in Classical Period set-up is inspired by the
early 1740's violins of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu.

For more information about my instruments, please contact me in my Seattle workshop at (206) 478-9603 or use the contact form on this site.

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