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- Violin and Bow Making Schools -

Violin Making Schools in the United States

Learning Trade Secrets

Mohr & Mohr Trade Secrets Workshops
Workshop Address
106 Hedstrom Drive
Ashland, OH 44805
Mailing Address
513 Center Street
Ashland, OH 44805
Phone:(419) 922-9474
The Trade Secrets Worshops website

Offering small group and individualized training to prospective bow makers and restorers. Not a violin making school per se, but a wonderful resource for violin and bow makers wishing to extend their skills. Instructors are invited from around the country to instruct on the finer points of making and restoration of stringed instruments and bows, identification, business, and other important topics. 

The Chicago School of Violin Making

The Chicago School of Violin Making
3636 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60076
Tel. (847) 673-9545
Fax. (847)673-9546
E-mail: info@csvm.org
The Chicago School of Violin Making website

A full-time, 3 year program in violin making, repair, technical drawing, history and theory to an INTERNATIONAL student body.

Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical

Minnesota State College/Southeast Technical - Violin Repair and construction
308 Pioneer Road
Red Wing MN 55066
877-853-8324 or 651-385-6300
Lisbeth Butler, Instructor
phone: 651-385-6343.
E-mail: lbutler@southeastmn.edu

One year course in violin repair and maintenance starts in mid-August and ends in mid-May. The main course provids a good foundation in basic repair techniques and principles. Courses include Hand Tools, Power Tools, Ebony Work, Violin Varnish, Violin History, Bow Repairs, Bow Rehairing, Bridges and Soundposts, Violin Repair, and Introduction to Violin Playing.  A violin construction component of the course is optional . This course runs outside the other classes and can be taken with them or separately, but students must take Hand and Power Tools concurrently or as a prerequisite.

New World School of Violin Making

The New World School of Violin Making
6970 Red Lake Rd., HC1-119A
Presque Isle, WI 54557
Phone: 715-686-7732

3 - 3 1/2 year courses in construction of violin family instruments.  Instruction is individualized and mainly self-paced.

North Bennet Street School

North Bennet Street School
Violin Making and Repair Program
150 North Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 227-0155
Email : admissions@nbss.edu

The NBSS is one of the few full-time instrument making programs in the United States. Students, alumni, and faculty regularly receive international recognition for the craftsmanship and tonality of their instruments.

The curriculum provides a solid foundation in instrument making and an introduction to the art and science of stringed instrument restoration. During the three-year program, students build five violins, a viola, and a bowed instrument of the student's choice, as well as covering repair, restoration, and set-up of stringed instruments.

Violin Making School of America

Violin Making School of America
308 East 200 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 209-3494
(801) 847-6543 FAX
The Violin Making School of America website.
E-mail : info@vmsa.net

A 3 - 4 year, full time program aimed to graduate students with a foundation of skills and knowledge on which to build their careers as makers, restorers, and dealers of violin family instruments.

Violin and Bow Making Courses in Canada

Ecole Nationale de Lutherie

Centre de Formation et de Consultation en Métiers d'Art
299, 3e avenue
Québec, PQ, G1L 2V7 Canada
tél.: (418) 647-0567
fax 418-647-4880
E-mail: bleonard@metierdart.com

3-year courses in violin family making and maintenance.

Violin and Bow Making Courses in Mexico

Escuela de Laudería / National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL)

Escuela de Laudería de México
Hidalgo #20, Centro Histórico, C.P. 76000
Querétaro, Qro., México
Tel.: (+52) 442 212 2299, (+52) 442 224 0121
E-mail: mmedina@inba.gob.mx

The "Escuela de Laudería" (Violin Making School) offers a 10 semester course in making violin family instruments. The curriculum includes: construction workshop, restoration workshop, varnishing, technical drawing, history of musical instruments, photography, acoustics (physics), wood technology, instrument playing, instruments ensembles, etc.

Violin Making Schools in Italy


Academia Cremonensis
via Platina 66
Cremona, Italy
tel : +39 0372808970
Email : info@academiacremonensis.it
Academia Cremonensis website

Situated in the splendid and noble Mina Bolzesi palace, in the center of Cremona, the 3 year Violin Making and 2 year Bow Making courses available at the Academia Cremonensis affords each student the opportunity to learn and practice violin and bow making according to the guidelines of the great violin maker Simone Fernando Sacconi and bow maker Giovanni Lucchi.

Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria A. Stradivari
(A. Stradivari Violin Making International School)
Palazzo Raimondi
C.so Garibaldi, 178 · 26100
Cremona, ITALY
tel. 0372 · 38689
Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria A. Stradivari website

The Violin Making International School of Cremona was founded in order to create a center of high professional qualification in the stringed instrument field, respecting the classical tradition of Cremona. There are two programs at the school: the three-year course of violin making and the two-year course of violin making. In addition, the school provides opportunities to work along side professional violin makers in their workshops.


Civica Scuola Di Liuteria
Via Noto N 4
+39 (0)2 5740 9945
Civica Scuola Di Liuteria website

A 4 year course in instrument making. Bowed or plucked strings


Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria di Parma
(Parma School of Violin-Making)
Direzione - Maestro Renato Scrollavezza
Borgo S. Giuseppe, 13
Parma 43100, Italy
(39) 05 21 38 62 78
Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria di Parma website

A three years course in violin making and varnish, mostly practical, with some theoretical lessons in technology of the wood, design and acoustics physics. Optional two years of specialization.

Violin Schools in England


London Guildhall University
Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts
41-71 Commercial Road
London E1 1LA, England
(44) 171 320 1827
(44) 171 320 1830 (FAX)
Information about Music Technology at London Guildhall University

The courses are aimed at individuals with little or no prior experience, who have a desire to build their own musical instrument, or others who may already have a grounding in violin making and wish to develop their knowledge and skills further.


Newark School of Violin Making
Peter Smith, Violin Course Leader
Jill Maynard, Head of Creative Arts - Musical Instrument Crafts Newark College
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1PB, England
+ 44 (0)1636 680680
+ 44 (0)1636 680681(FAX)
E-mail: Enquiries@lincolncollege.ac.uk
The Newark School of Violin Making website

A three-year course in violin making and repair; also, a one-year basic course in violin making. Based at Newark College (part of Lincoln College).

Chapel Violins School

Chapel Violins School of Violin Making
John Gosling and Narelle Freeman - directors
The Old Chapel
Pinfold Lane
NG24 3LP
United Kingdom
Chapel Violins School of Violin Making Website
Email: mail@chapelviolins.com
Phone: +44 (0)1636 650788

Providing a range of courses in violin making and restoration including intensive 6 month courses in Advanced Restoration Techniques and the Certificate in Violin Making.

West Dean

West Dean College
Historic Craft Practices – Musical Instruments
Chichester, West Sussex
Tel: +44 (0) 1243 818 291
Apprenticeship program in the making of early stringed instruments at West Dean College website

The course places emphasis on making violas da gamba but students may opt to make instruments of the violin family.

Cambridge Violin Makers Workshop

Cambridge Violin Makers
70A Hartington Grove
United Kingdom CB1 7UB
Fax: 44 (0)1223 561736
Cambridge Violin Makers Workshop Website

The Violin Workshop, based in Cambridge UK and run by The Cambridge Violin Makers, offers one week summer courses in Violin Making and Bow Making for students of all ages and professions. Evening and daytime classes in violin making have been run by The C.V.M for over forty years. In 1990, Bow Making was added as an option for both evening classes and summer courses.

Violin Schools in Germany


Berufliches Schulzentrum (BSZ) für Technik Oelsnitz / Vogtland
Berufs- und Berufsfachschule
"Vogtländischer Musikinstrumentenbau"
Amtsberg 12
D-08248 Klingenthal
phone: 0049-(0) 37467 - 23213
telefax: 0049 - (0) 37467 - 2631
Manager of the secretariat: Mrs. Glass

A 3 year course of education of violin makers, bow makers and other instruments. Admission of 5 students for each trade, each year. Classes start in fall (August /September).


Studiengang Musikinstrumentenbau Markneukirchen
Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
University of Applied Sciences
Adorfer Strasse 38
D-08258 Markneukirchen, Germany
Tel.: 037422 / 2094
Fax: 037422 / 47558
email: musikinstrumentenbau@fh-zwickau.de
Musikinstrumentenbau Markneukirchen Website

The course of study "Musical Instrument Construction" is accepting students in the departments of String Instrument Construction, Plucked Instruments Construction and Bow Construction. The goal of this study is for the student to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge and ability to enable him or her to design and construct high-quality, artistically shaped musical instruments. Prerequisite for a successful application to this program is above all practical experience and pre-knowledge of musical instrument construction.


Staatliche Berufsfach- und Fachschule für Geigenbau und Zupfinstrumentenmacher in Mittenwald
State School for Violin Making and Plucked Instruments
Staatliche Berufsschule
Partenkirchner Straße 24
D-82481 Mittenwald Germany
Tel. 001 49 8823 1353
Tel. 001 49 8823 1353
Musikinstrumentenbau Mittenwald website

Other Schools Around the World


Ecole Internationale de Lutherie
"Gauthier Louppe - Marche-en-Famenne"
83 rue Remparts des Jésuites
Tel : 0032 (0)84 44 59 50
Email : ecoledelutherie@marche.be
Ecole Internationale de Lutherie website


O Curso de Luteria do Conservatório de Tatuí
Rua São Bento, 415
Centro – Tatuí, SP – CEP 18270-820
Fone: (15) 3205-84446
Conservatório de Tatuí website

O curso de luteria do Conservatório de Tatuí orienta para construção de instrumentos de arco – violino, viola, violoncelo e contrabaixo, com duração de seis semestres. Amplo e com programa bem definido, o curso conta com planejamento semestral e tem por objetivos oferecer ao aluno um melhor aproveitamento e a consciência de sua evolução em cada etapa do curso, bem como uma formação profissional completa, equiparada às dos melhores cursos existentes em outros países.


Ikaalinen Handicraft and Industrial Arts Institute
Elno Salmelaisen Katu 20
39500 IKAALINEN,  Finland
Tel: +358-33-4501-346
Fax: +358-33-4501-330

2 - 4 year courses in string instrument making. 24 student to 2 teachers. School founded in 1984. Entrance by examination. Also short summer courses.


Ecole Nationale de Lutherie
Lycee Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume
5 Avenue Graillet
88500 MIRECOURT CEDEX , France
+33 3 29 37 06 33

A 2 - 3  year course in instrument making and repair.


Musikk Instrument Akademiet
(The Musical Instrument Academy)
Arnfred Marthinsen, Principal/Restorer/Instrument Maker
Oscar Pedersensv. 16
1706 Sarpsborg
Tel:+ 47 69 14 83 50
FAX: + 47 69 14 83 55
E-mail: am@mia.no
Musikk Instrument Akademiet Website


Stringed Instrument Repair and Construction at Anniesland College
Paul Hyland
Anniesland College
Hatfield Drive
Scotland, UK
Tel 00(44) 141 3576077
Fax 00 (44) 141 3576557
e-mail: reception@anniesland.ac.uk
String Repair and Construction Website

One year National Certificate and one year Higher National Certificate in violin/guitar repair and construction.


BELE: The Basque School of Violin Making
Bele. Conservatorio de Musica at the Juan Crisostomo Arriaga Bilbao Music Conservatory
Ibarrekolanda Plaza 1
48015 Bilbao Bizkaia. Spain
Tel + 33 944 157 888
e-mail: lutheria@conservatoriobilbao.com
BELE Website

Cirriculum includes: Repair and restoration techniques, Making a string quartet, Bow maintenance and rehairing, Acoustics and Performance, Business Practice, & Instrument Playing.


Geigenbausechule Brienz
The Swiss School of Violin Making
Geigenbauschule Brienz
Oberdorfstrasse 94
CH-3855 Brienz
phone 033 951 18 61
fax 033 951 04 93
E-mail: info@geigenbauschule.ch

The swiss school of violin making in Brienz (Geigenbauschule Brienz) is the only school in Switzerland specialising in violin making.
The four-year course of study allows students sufficient time to learn the skills that will enable them to develop individually as craftsmen and later on as professional violin makers.



House of Note also has a very comprehensive listing of Violin Making Schools worldwide.

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