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Suppliers of Books and other publications about Violins and Bows
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The Manual of Violin Making: A Supplemental Textbook Of A School Of Violin Making In The Modern Age
by Brian Derber, founder of The New World School of Violin Making - Where Old World Traditions Continue In A Modern Age"

This book is a comprehensive and meticulously detailed Manual for aspiring violin makers. It can be an invaluable adjunct and supplement to hands-on instruction. It is bound in cloth, complete with slipcase, measures approximately 9×1.5×12 inches, weighs 8 lbs, and contains 432 pages with several hundred full color photographs.


Specializing in the sale of rare and unusual books covering all aspects of Bows and Bowed Stringed Instruments.

In the United States Contact:
Brice Dupin de Saint Cyr
Carnegie Hall Suite 915
881 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-262-1827
Fax: 212-265-5074
Email: brice@eviolin.com
In Europe Contact:

D-60329 Frankfurt
Munchener Strasse 45
Phone: 069 2400 6600
Fax: 069 2400 6800
Email: czenz@web.de


Publishers Avenue Reine Astrid
73, B-4900
Spa-Belgium (Europe)
Phone: 0032 87 77 09 62
Fax: 0032 87 77 18 34
publishers of:
Dictionnaire universel des luthiers, by VANNES - LEBET
Histoire de la lutherie à Paris, by Sylvette MILLIOT
e-mail: musique@pi.be



Eric Blot has been writing renowned books on Italian violin making for many years.  Moreover, Eric obtained the copyright to Sacconi‘s THE SECRETS OF STRADIVARI in 1999 and has reprinted in English version of this essential text.  His publishing company is currently working on several forthcoming books.
Via Robolotti 7
Tel: +39 0372 534898
Fax: +39 0372 534899
E-mail: books@ericblot.com



Supplier of quality reference books on violin making
Steinfurt 22
D-52222 Stolberg, Germany
Tel:  + 49 2402 126540
Fax:  + 49 2402 12654-29
E-mail: info@holfter.com



Publisher and supplier of The Conservation, Restoration, and Repair of Stringed Instruments and Their Bows, a wide-ranging three volume collection of 150 articles dedicated to the theory and craft of preserving stringed instruments and bows. Contributions written by over 120 of the field's leading craftspeople, scholars, and conservators. Edited by Tom Wilder. Included with this publication is a CD-ROM providing editable forms for documentation.
All profits will support the research, reforestation, and educational activities of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative.
257 Rachel Street East
Montreal, QC H2W 1E5, CANADA
Tel.: 514-289-0849
Toll-free within North America: 888-419-9453
Fax: 514-289-9894
E-mail: info@ipci-canada.org



Rare and collectible Autographs, Prints, Photos, Magazines & Books about violinmaking, violinmakers, violinists, violists, and cellists
David Sanders. proprietor
2734 Garrison Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone:(847) 864-5991
FAX: (847) 864-6064
E-mail: montagnana@earthlink.net



A unique Website designed especially for technical professionals engaged in the Musical Instrument Repair and Restoration profession & Makers of Musical Instruments.

Books specifically about the Violin



Suppliers of:
The Violin Makers of the United States
by Thoas James Wenberg
5629 University Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98105 USA
Phone: (206) 361-0444
e-mail: David Stone at archet@wolfenet.com


[Antonio Stradivari]

Publisher and Supplier of:
Antonio Stradivari
a four Volume Compendium with DVD detailing over 140 instruments made by Antonio Stradivari.
Alessandra Barabaschi, author
Florian Leonhard, expert
Jan Roehrmann, photographer and co-editor
Jost Thoene, editor
An Gross Sankt Martin 7
50667 Koeln, Germany
Tel: +49.172.7318161



Henry Strobel is the author and publisher of 14 practical and artistic books (and one video) on making, repair, and adjustment of instruments and bows of the violin family. Including Violin Making, Step by Step and Useful Measurements for Violin Makers



Containing 41 chapters of detailed repair description, 125 photographs, 60 technical illustrations and 18 patterns, this publication presents the art and science of violin repair in a clear, step-by-step manner. Co-authored by Hans Weisshaar and Margaret Shipman.



Publishers of Books and Video Tapes on Violin and Bow Making by H. S. Wake
38 Country Lane, South Glastonbury, CT 06073 USA
Phone: 860-657-1199 -or- 866-657-1199 (Toll Free) 
Fax: 860-657-1199
E-mail: wakebooks@sbcglobal.nett



Ryan Thomson's listings of instructional videos, Reference books, Recordings and Left-handed fiddle playing. Among his listings is a reprint of the mid-1800's work, Treatice on the Construction, Preservation, Repair, and Improvement of the Violin, by Jacob Otto.


Violin Related Magazines

THE STRAD Magazine

A monthly magazine for all those interested in bowed stringed instruments, their music and the people who play them, including performers, teachers, students, instrument makers, dealers, collectors and enthusiasts.

Trinity House
Wethersfield, Braintree
Essex CM7 4AY, UK
Phone: +44 1371 851887
US toll-free number: 1-866 922 8534
Email: thestrad@escosubs.co.uk
Editorial: thestrad@thestrad.com


STRINGS Magazine

The violin player's resource for interviews, technique tips, reviews, instruments, and much more.

Subscriptions and Customer Service:
P.O. Box 469120
Escondido, CA 92046
Phone: (800) 827-6837 -or- (760) 233-3768
Subscription E-mail: strings@pcspublink.com
Editorial E-mail: editors.st@stringletter.com
STRINGS on-line Directory

FIDDLER Magazine

Fiddler Magazine is an informative, educational, and entertaining resource for fiddlers, accompanists, and appreciative listeners. Each quarterly issue (now approx. 60 pages each) features a variety of different styles of fiddling, as well as plenty of other articles and columns. Regular columns include: Bluegrass Fiddling, “The Practicing Fiddler,” Fiddle Tune History, On Improvisation, Irish Fiddling, Cross-Tuning Workshop, Cross-Canada Fiddle Tour, and reviews of CDs, books, and DVDs. Each issue also includes transcriptions of several tunes.


FiddleOn Magazine

A small, A5, sized publication of over 50 pages is published 3 times a year in March, July and November, that is designed to keep fiddle players informed about workshops, courses, festivals, CDs and book reviews, news items and general chitchat about the UK fiddle scene. Visit the website for more information.


Publication Listings

Publications about Bowed Stringed Instruments, by Margaret Downie Banks

The Dutch Violin Page Library of Dutch Makers, Dictionairies, Important books, History, Violin Making, Bows, Fiction, Magazines and Publishers, presented by Bartolomé Straatemeier


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